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From complex TV repairs to warranty service and sales, we've got it covered.

We sell and repair today's televisions for customers in Montclair, New Jersey.

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Tv Repair | Triangle TV Service

Many of our customers greet a malfunctioning television set with an expensive notion: That the television itself must be quickly replaced...

TV Sales | Triangle TV Service

While we focus primarily on performing great TV repair service, some of our customers are looking to upgrade their existing set...

TV Warranty Repairs | Triangle TV Service

The great thing about buying a new television set is that manufacturers today often offer a comprehensive warranty on new models...

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Our professional team of television repair technicians has seen virtually every major problem with today's most popular television brands, giving them the inside track on quick repairs and the proper parts needed for each service. Our same-day service will allow customers to resume watching their favorite shows in no time.

For those looking to replace an older model television, our sales department offers the widest selection of major brands, many screen sizes, and numerous display technologies. Our commitment to the latest in home entertainment is unparalleled.

If your television has been having issues turning on, displaying a proper picture, or functioning in any way, give us a call or stop by our location today. We're ready to get to work on a quick, affordable repair.