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We sell and repair today's televisions for customers in Montclair, New Jersey.

We Will Sell You Only The Best Quality TV's

TV Sales | Triangle TV Service : Montclair, NJ

While we focus primarily on performing great TV repair service, some of our customers are looking to upgrade their existing set or they simply know that their broken television is beyond the help of our seasoned repair technicians. For those customers, our TV sales department is a great option. We're stocked with all of the latest technologies, all of the hottest brands, and a wide variety of screen sizes.

Variety is the Key to a Great Sale

Our commitment when performing repairs is to be quick, with high-quality results and all of the necessary parts on hand. For TV sales, though, we apply that commitment in a different way: We make sure that our customers have access to the widest selection of brands, models, and screen sizes, so that they can fit a new television into their existing entertainment space. The result is a unique shopping process, guided by our expert sales staff who can easily recite the features and benefits of each model.

Focused on Affordability During the Sale

We know that our TV sales department is competing directly with local big box electronics retailers and other smaller businesses in the same industry. Our commitment to our customers is that we offer the best combination of features and affordability for each television that we sell. Perhaps even better than our affordable pricing is our quick, hassle-free service. We believe that our repair services should be quick and convenient, and we believe the same thing about our sales process.

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To see our full selection of televisions for sale, stop by our location in Montclair today and speak with our qualified sales staff. We look forward to meeting your needs!