TV Warranty Repairs

We sell and repair today's televisions for customers in Montclair, New Jersey.

TV Warranty Repairs Are Taken Care Of Quickly

TV Warranty Repairs | Triangle TV Service : Montclair, NJ

The great thing about buying a new television set is that manufacturers today often offer a comprehensive warranty on new models, lasting several months or several years from purchase. If the television happens to malfunction in any way during that time, consumers are entitled to repairs that won't cost them a dime to execute. At Triangle TV Service, we're one of the leading local repair shops for this type of work.

Partnerships with Major TV Manufacturers

The key to becoming a source for TV warranty repairs is to strike deals with TV manufacturers and become licensed to do so. Since we first started serving local customers, this is a process we have engaged in on a regular basis. Today, we're able to handle warranty service and complex repairs for virtually every major brand on the market. Best of all, we have OEM parts available for the job so that our customers' televisions last well into the future without any future repairs required.

Quick Service for TV Warranty Repairs

Our focus is on ensuring that our customers enjoy quick results, which is why we typically offer same-day or next-day repairs under warranty. This is due to our solid knowledge of major brands, our wide availability of parts for our technicians and our understanding that this process is inconvenient and should be made as manageable as possible. For warranty service and more, local customers in Montclair should give us a call or stop by our offices. We'll review the television's date of sale and warranty specifications, and then get right to work on the necessary fixes.